Lights please

driving home tonight and i suddenly realised how bad my lights are, im looking for suggestions on how to improve them, should i just buy new ones or is there a better bulb that can be bought


what about turn them on Davey?


the drivers side looked bit dull compaired to the passenger side,have a check of it 1st,you can fit hallogen lamps,not sure whats involved though

Rip the old shitty sealed beam unit out, buy some nice semi sealed units that take the nice halogen bulbs & there you have it.

You may want to think about fitting a relay or two aswell due to the extra load involved although I’m sure many have fitted halogen bulbs n not used any relays.

And just incase you’re wondering :slight_smile:

Something to remeber when fitting Halogen bulbs is to remove the dished piece of metal that sits in front of a regular bulb otherwise you reduce the brightness considerably.

I’m running 80W dipped/100W main halogen bulbs in mine - stock wiring (no probs yet) but uprated fuses.
I still see them for sale in Halfords, though they’re marked ‘not for road use’… :zip

i just forked out 120 qiud for a pair of hella after lights failing mot . retest was no porblem with the new lights, fitting is not difficult but you need to turn the chrome rim round which is easy done,lights are important no point in skimping on them. halogen lights should fit straight into the lights from what i’m aware, I’m thinking about adding additional drive lights to the bumper does any one know if thats allowed/ legal at least.

thanks for the info guys

I’d go along with Seamonsta - 100/80W. Replace your reflectors if they are crappy, otherwise you are wasting your time. I dfid use 120/100W on the bus at one point, but 100/80’s are much easier to get hold of and cost less.

Additional driving lights should be OK as long as they don’t dazzle others when you are in dipped mode. Lots of modern cars have them - they all come on when you start the engine!

Non ‘E’ marked bulbs are only ilegal if fitted to cars made after a certain date, ithink it’s 1986 or so. So 80/100W or 100/130W are fine for the most of us with “old” cars. If you are looking for uprated bulbs for newer cars (post '86) then I can recommend the Xenon bulbs that you can get from Halfords etc. A little pricey but I’ve put the 50% brighter ones in my Seat and the difference is like well, night and day!
In the bug I’ll be running 100/130W in H4 light units with an additional 2x100W for full beam in extra driving lamps, can’t wait to see how good that’ll work!