Looking for a cargo door lock barrel for a 66 split

Hey guys I’m looking for a cargo door lock barrel for a 66 split, the one inside my handle had the end snapped off and really don’t like the idea of paying £56 for a new one.

have a look over on Volkszone


Cheers will look into it, may just get a repro one in a new handle found them for £25 will have to rebuild the barrel though.

You can’t re-key the repro’s i bought one and they dont have the small screw to allow you to remove the barrel.I ended up just leaving it with the other key.I’ll try and get to you for the hatch.I’ll check my spares to see what barrels i have but i think the cargo door handle was gubbed.

If you have a cab door push one i could do with one. One of mine has the ring/stopper section missing, I guess you can remove the insides from one push button barrel to another. Don’t worry about it unless you are planning on being around soon as I’m in a crazy rush to finish my bus once its back from paint. Thinking of fixing a ring on it myself if I can’t find one as £40 plus for one barrel is just crazy.