louver window for bay - wanted

Hi there,

I’m after a louver window for a bay window, the westfalia style. I’m in Leith, anyone got a spare, I’ve got the cash and currently have a sheet of harboard where my onld broken window was!


you may get one at the bathgate show tmw

The Scottish VW Owners Indoor Parts Mart and Car Show

Bathgate Sunday 29th October 2006


The Scottish VW Owners Indoor Parts Mart & Car Show is being held at Bathgate Sports Centre, Bathgate. The sports centre is situated on the B792 Bathgate to Torphichen road. If coming via the M8 exit at either J3A or J4. If coming from the M9 it is J4. The sports centre has ample parking and a cafeteria, outdoor play area for children and also an

indoor soft play area which must be booked and requires to have adult supervision for further details please contact the centre direct on 01506 -776790.

The show will cater for all VW enthusiasts and will include Show & Shine

classes with a trophy & prize for the winner of each class. The show is being supported by various VW Traders and clubs. Childrens entertainment will take place at various times throughout the day.

No overnight camping is available at the venue. B&B and campsite list is available on request.

Unfortunately NO DOGS are allowed in the sports centre.


got a louver window but its not a westfalia its the type which has two halfs let me know i could bring it along to bathgate. cheers mark

Many thanks, I think I’ll try this, if the old girl is up to it.
Cheers for your advice

oh sorry, scanned your post a little too quickly, thanks but I’m after the longer westfalia style not the divided into 2 panes for hopefully improved visibility, may end up compromising though and if I do I’ll be in touch.
Thanks for the offer though.

paul.bremner - 2006-10-28 1:40 PM

you may get one at the bathgate show tmw

Did you get right window? we saw one (not divided one) at bathgate hope you did too!!! :o

there where three that i saw at about £60 , wonder if the traders scanned the forum and saw you where after one , a bit steep i thought but you gotta feed the habit i supose.
mark :smiley:

Ive still got 2 would haggle to £50 if thats any use

I can do you one for £40 it has a broken slat but will be supplied with a replacement you can fit yourself