louvered window pickup

ever had one of those moments when it feels like some one turn the light on in your mind and there within is the greatest idea in the world ever , no, well me niether.
I did however happen to be looking at rod project ,thinking about the possible options for rear ends when in the back ground what should catch my eye but a spare louvered window ,the two section type, which is how going to be the rear window in the rod , this cool for the fact it means i need less of a large sheet of mild steel at the back ,which would be a fucker of a pannel to fab up any way . also it is fitting to have a large open window in a pickup and again i’m just using the stuff i have , no need to cut glass to fit ,less steel,which means its cheap. the all important low budget project philosophy is fairing up nicly plenty of time for it to all go wrong as many of us know.

so come on guys what the thoughts about the window idea. great or shite or just alrite, going to do the other front floor pan today ,which means the floor is close to bing done .

it would be great to have a team of dudes just working away on this project, overhaulin’ style , which i have to say i’m loving and the american hotrod, and beetle crisis and campervan crisis , now thats a reason to come in from the garage.

peace frog

not too sure on how this idea will look photo shop it gives a better idea?? will it not be too long anyway ?