lovely 412's

doing a bit of research into number of the 412’s left. Current concencus is only 40 in the uk. Found this though, Nice

After looking at the bodywork, it’s going to be foolish to put the 412 on the road without going over the bodywork. With parts all being unavailable, if these rot i’m up a creek without a paddle. So think I’ll spay him black at the same time, Poundshop black that is, kinda like this but with loads of Chrome. What do you guys think.


Keep it original, loving the standard colour…


I agree with Bob, don’t kill Goldmember!!!
There are enough black cars. Keep it true, keep it Spandau Ballet, keep it gold

Well cool do it

give it a coat of clear to preserve the original paint

Don’t paint it black. Just drive it until it dies. Then, like the proverbial bowl of fruit…Watch it rot. :rolleyes:

That might only take a week :rs :rasp

All right guys, I’ll keep it GOLD. I’ll see if I can get tins of gold paint for the rusty patches. From memory it’s about £10 a tin for the good stuff, gona cost a bloomin fortune, It’ll still have the Golden rat look as the body needs flatted and a full paint, Lots of wee dents everywhere. So i guees Golden patches everywhere. Suppose the beat up Mexican look will be pretty cool
Thanks for stopping my moment of madness :thumb:

do that Jim and just say its a RAT looker :o)

Must admit, I do like the Gold :think

Cool. Gold member is here to stay.

my local factors make up spray cans at a tenner a pop but they can match the colour if you dont have the code and the paint is good to spray as the nossel on the can is a good design also you seem to get a lot more paint than a standard spray can

My local wide brimmed eyed paint guy does the DuPont fan Nossle cans. They are like gifts from the gods. One visit to his place and your stoned on the fumes, how he’s done it all his days i’ll never know. Top paint, these guys are a rare breed. If your lucky, you can make him come out and wave his cards around your panels in an ancient right of Grumble Grumble times are a changin might not be able to get a match, may have to go for a Matt metallic with lacre, as they don’t do the original stuff etc heehaw.gif

If you can’t get a good gold match, it’s gonna look sh!t…

I’d go with your baser desire to black it out Dude! bowdown.gif

If it lasts the course and keeps growing on you, then you could always gilt it again awayyyyyyy in the future
(when the only trustworthy currency will once again be gold!) heehaw.gif