lvwc stuff

im needing to order another lvwc fleece, when i mentioned it to alex night he said rhod was the man to speak to, does anyone know this rhod ?? is he still alive ??

Still here, and another order going in next week. I need to know what size.

is there a price list for stuff?

The back page of the last Blether issue has a full list of sizes and prices, and a particularly dashing picture also… :smiley:


i would like a fleece jacket in a size LARGE please, and no its not for me.


when can we expect the order to come back just so i can tell person a rough date??

Have you tried calling Rhod direct to place an order and get a time estimate from him?
As per the back page of the newsletter, his number is: 07957864039
or e-mail him at

It’s probably more reliable as the forum isn’t ideal for placing orders for stuff… :wink:

done its all sorted and in hand.

here Rhod can you smell a deal at 20miles? :lol: :wink:

I find only 20 miles a bit limiting! :smiley: