Maaaaaaaark Look....

Oooooh Yeah… :smiley:

i dont want to look :o

quote - Just encase anyone is not familiar with the fit of a Subaru engine"¦ you use your existing beetle gearbox/clutch etc"¦ the flywheel is Subaru 8 bolt one side and beetle 200mm gearbox/clutch the other. There is a spacer/adapter plate that takes up the gap, this is bolted to the Subaru engine and then to the existing 4 bolts on the beetle gearbox. You still use the beetle starter/ring gear etc. quote

sounds too easy,but im gonna blow up the box with a scooby engine??thought you said a porsche box

Ah fuk it, just dont be launching too hard, Bug boxes are good upto 160BHP, so if you steer clear of the hard launches you should be fine… Either that or get a built bog box with a long 4th and welded gears…

160bhp you havin a laugh eyes are watching (aka davey) so cant say too much but that wouldnt pull me out of bed in the morning :rasp :smiley: