Machine shop near Edinburgh

Hi all

In anticipation of needing some machining done on my engine, could anyone recommend a machine shop in the area with the nouse to deal with air-cooled engines, in this case a 2ltr!


What would you required to be machined?

Not sure yet.

Stripping top end of engine now and depends what I find, but do know that one cylinder has low compression (but goes up with oil) so rings may be an issue. The engine also had petrol in the oil (which is what prompted me to look at it) and metal flakes in the oil sump so there may be damage from that.

Bit of a newbie to doing this, but following manuals and the John Muir classic so see what is needed. Just need a well-running engine, nothing fancy and might just invest in new heads or what else is needed instead, rather than machine it, but the availability of a machine shop is a consideration there, hence the question.

I have the same question - also looking for a machine shop, ideally in Edinburgh. I suspect I will need a 1.8 water cooled engines cylinders honing to start with!

William Skelton would be the man for a mk2 golf. I think he might be based around boness but hopefully someone can post up details.

For aircooled worth trying Paul at aircooled engines Scotland in alloa

Stuart who used to have YPE motorcycle tuning is doing machine work on car engines, not had anything done yet but have every reason to think he will be good

Hi all.

Just an update. Ended up going to John Browns in Leith, on the Shore. Mainly out of convenience, but they come across as old school engineering company, and whilst specialising in marine have an automative section and seem to know what they are doing.

Proof will be in the pudding, once I put the engine back together and get some miles on it, but my intuition says it’s a solid job.

Ended up just with a strip down and inspect, thorough cleanin and an exhaust valve job on the heads

Interesting to hear if you’re happy with the work soon.
It’s hard to find
engineering companies to do engine work that you can then recommend to others