Metal bashers thread

Hiya George, saw your post and thought I’d get you excited about using the forum again. We should all definitely start having VW banter on this forum too, just like the old days before Facebook. Have you got that roadster finished yet :think and stop taking on too many projects :rasp

Right mr Brookmann, ye kanni moan if you Dinnae check the forum 😢

Aye comes in stirs the pot and doesn’t come back! he must be busy in his garage !

Didn’t notice the post, been on a few times to look at parts for sale. I’d post photos but cant work out how to do that on here. I currently have 5 projects on the go but that doesn’t rule out another one if something interesting shows up…I recently took a few weeks off facebook as I’m not really interested is seeing photos of what people have for their dinner and receiving death threats for my political views. the planet has gone mad…

Any pics you want to add to a post email them to and I can add them for you.