Mig v Arc welding

Whilst flicking through the frost catalogue I spotted this.


Would this be ok for general welding on a bug, seems a bit to good to be true. What are the advantages/disadvantages with MIG v ARC welding?

I don’t weld but I do know that Machine Mart have got arc welders starting at £47 inc VAT. Click me. No idea how good or bad they are but I’ve got a fair selection of MM/Clarke stuff which has all been excellent.

i bought a gasless mig welder recently , read a few sites about welding and did all the welding needed on the van,passed it mot so must be good enough. I would say from my resreach, talking to people and seeing both types of welding taking place that no welding is rocket sceine ,but gasless means just that no gas bottle , the gas is in the flux and released in the arc (when heated) therefore the gas shroud is supposed to be more effecient, makes the welder lighter wieght as well , the migs have a roll of flux which is self fed through a trigger gun , arc is old school rods. in my opion i’d say migs are best to start welding on , does the job nice and easy.
some people will say arc welding is stronger ,blah d blah , if it passes an mot then its got to be ok.
alll the best with what every way you go . mark

man just went to the sit your link goes too.low wattage welder good for spoy welding pannel work , as mig is more versitile spot welding haevy duty chassis welding.but it looks like a good enough welder for the money the skys the limit.

Yeah, I have done some welding before, but it was many moons ago. I was wondering wether it’d be worth the outlay or better to spend a bit more & get a budget mig welder, but after chatting with the chap that built the fabulous Rat Patrol volksrod he doesn’t think it’d be worth shelling out for the arc welder as it isn’t really suited to bodywork (The rods are much thicker than the panels,which requires too much heat to melt) & it’s too light duty to use on structural parts.

So I guess it’ll need to be one of the cheapest mig welders that machine mart do, It’ll probably be one of the gasless ones even though it’s recommended to get one that runs gas (another expense & hassle ;)) All I’ll need after that is the compressor I have my eye on & plenty of free time! :lol:

Just out of interest which mig welder did you get?

hi man
some one told me to get a turbo gasless or not , something to do with the fan stopping contsant overheating. I think it was the “105 EN turbo” about 150£ well worth it when you think about long term savings.

Yeah that’s the kind I’ve been looking at though probably one below that, I’ll just need to save for awhile. As you say though it’s more than worth it, it’ll pay for itself in no time & save loads in the long run.

keep an eye on the yellow paper on wednesdays there are quite often migs in for about £70 to £100 pounds also the wire for gassless migs is twice the price of ordenery wire so it dont work out any cheaper if you no some one with a pub you can get a big bottle of co2 which will last you a lifetime the addapter to take the large bottle is onley a fiver well worth it.

Know anyone with a pub then that I can get a big bottle? :stuck_out_tongue:

if i new i would have one but i keep trying i will get one some where :smiley:

CO2 is not very great for welding, it makes it very spluttery, I use argonshield which can be hired from BOC, you get much better results with it and a bottle is enough to do most resto jobs.

me thinks keith has plenty cash to be able to afford an account with boc :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

About £40 a year, and the same again each time you get a bottle. My current bottle I’ve had for about 2 years and its still not finished. Its not bad value

not to dear i suppose but its still £40 for nothing or am i just tight :rasp

hey man ive just been doing my sums and that gas has cost you £120 i could have got 14 double filled disposable gas bottles from machine mart for the same money i wonder who got the most gas? :huh:


mig welding is the prefered method for welding thin plate as opposed to mma, a double or triple de oxidised wire should be used, and you have the option of a dip, pulse or spray transfer just by adjusting the amps and volts, as for the shielding gas, inert gas is always better as it creates more heat in the weld pool as opposed to co2 alone this is why u get the spatter and poor weld appearance, using an argo shield mix gives you a happy meduim as long as your settings are correct, the rate of the gas flow is very important to the appearance and strength of the finished weld.

thats my tuppence worth in

Reckon you could retype that in english Davey? :lol:

i thought i had Ally, but here it is in german might make more sense

mig Schweißen ist prefered Methode für das Schweissen der dünnen Platte im Vergleich mit mma, sollte eine doppelte oder dreifache De oxidierte Leitung benutzt werden, und Sie haben die Wahl eines Bades, Impuls, oder Sprayübertragung gerade indem man einstellt die Ampere und die Volt, was das abschirmengas anbetrifft, Edelgas, ist immer besser, da sie mehr Hitze in der Schweißung Lache im Vergleich mit CO2 alleine deshalb u erhält den Spatter verursacht und Armen Aussehen schweissen, gibt das Verwenden einer argo Schildmischung Ihnen ein glückliches meduim so lang, wie Ihre Einstellungen korrekt sind, die Rate des Gasflusses ist sehr wichtig zum Aussehen und zur Stärke der fertigen Schweißung. thats mein tuppence Wert innen

Франтовская сволочь :lol: