mig welding

Here is a very good place to get some info on welding, learn to weld its very helpful when owning a VDub.

think the club can set up a technical afternoon if enough people are interested,theres a few people should be able to help out

leave it with me

sounds like a plan mark keep us posted, im looking to have a refresher course myself!!

Nice link, an afternoons refresher or how to would be rather splendiferous

i’ll volunteer my fasty, only needs a patch welded by the drivers side heater channel. cakes, tean and beer available.

Awesome site. Thanks. Now all I need is a welder and a rusty van to work on!


Sod it I’m going to buy one on my flexible friend. Need to get this sussed as I have quite a few panels to replace/fix (not as much as jigs though :wink: ) Would our welding professional be up for it?

that wasnt needed. :frowning:

No offence meant Jigs happy to come round and melt your metal too. :huh: No reply from the welding professional yet. Is he online tonight?

And here’s the perfect event to start with:

Yep - Slobbo’s Monster Garage 3rd Tech Day - 25th March - North of the River! :stuck_out_tongue:

all the best garage events are . :smiley:

Bought one Clarke 131 TE mmmNice!!!

Sean - 2007-03-08 9:50 PM

No offence meant Jigs happy to come round and melt your metal too. :huh:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

so is this on then

i think slobbo is doing a day on mig welding.
Tech Event and Swap Meet Attendance - 25th March
looks liek a good event with a wee swap on the side

damn it i need a refresher course too! i wont make this one guys got something on that day!