Millennial looking for her first T25!

Hi all!

I’m Caitlin and I’m looking to purchase my first campervan, and alas, I’ve fallen for the notorious rust-bucket 1980s era T25.

Same as many of us ‘millenials’ (ugh), I’m into the #vanlife movement, and I’m keen to know more about these beautiful vans before committing.

I’ve been driving for six years now, and I have an energetic border collie whom I would love to travel Scotland (and afar) with. I’m a keen hillwalker, and spend a lot of my summer days in the Highlands in my Suzuki Swift, but as driving in Holland taught me, Schwifty is not comfortable to sleep in. My caravan site in fort william has recently upped it’s nightly charges, therefore I’m keen to get my own camper to save myself costs on travelling so much, before I succumb to the Vanlife movement indefinitely in a few years.

I’m keen to know your backgrounds and history’s with the T25, I’m a DIY fanatic, and I come from an artistic past, so I’m up for a bit of a project.

My question is, is there such thing as a cheap T25 that isn’t going to cost me a fortune in welding costs?! biggrin.gif

Not many cheap vans out there now . What is your budget ? Jigs will be selling a t25 camper soon and Sean is selling a t25 caravelle that needs paint

Hi caitlin welcome in.

Buy cheap buy twice as the old saying goes, buy the best you can afford is probably the best advice. I would always buy the van with the least amount of rust as the rest is cosmetic !
Why not pop along to one of our meets and have a chat with some folk.

True, I’m scoping out one in Fife just now, hoping to pull some strings and get for £1100, nothing this side of the border seems to be in good nick :frowning:

When is your next meet? I’m looking for something in the next month or so as I’m keen to get out hillwalking before the end of the month!

£1100! No being cheeky but at that price you’ll be spending twice that on repairs. I reckon you need to look at around £4K minimum for an on the road one with minimal defects.

True, I want it to be a bit of a project, I’m just seeing what I can get for what I can afford.

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Steading Inn
And the 4th Wednesday at The Hawes Inn.
Keep an eye on the events page for updates and if you follow us on Facebook you’ll get updates there too

I don’t have Facebook unfortunately, but I have messenger if you have group chats or anything like that!

You’ll get all the updates here on the forum !
The next meeting is next Wednesday 9th at The Steading Inn from 7.30

Wee update, I got a T25! Pretty good nick for a 1982, starts and runs and only 33k miles! I suspect a new engine at some point!

Looks very good . Aircooled 2.0?

Air-cooled even more desirable 👍🏻

I think so yes, definitely air-cooled! I was made aware that was the more desirable option. £1200, underside looks prestine, fingers and toes crossed for the MOT everyone please 💛