mixture and idle settings

O.K hands up I admit it… I’ve messed with the carb settings and now I’m in a mess.

Van was running eraticly at idle so I thought I would try and adjust the idle screw (twin solex carbs). I adjusted the mixture screw instead and can’t remember where it was set.

I now have terrible fuel economy (14 mpg where as I used to get 20 mpg) and the van smells strongly of petrol fumes. It also tends to run a bit rough at idle.

The original problem turned out to be a wire hanging off of one of the carbs, I replaced the wire and things improved dramatically but have never been the same since I fidled with the mixture screw.

Can anyone give me a guide as to where To set the mixture and idle screws as a starting point?



Forgot to mention, it’s a type4 2 litre engine with twin solex carbs.