Monthly Blether Night

Hi All
Our next monthly blether night is Wednesday 10th July at The Steading from 7.30pm onwards.
Why not pop along and join us for a chat over a drink.

We hope to see you there.


Hi Jigs,

unfortunately I won’t be able to come t o your monthly blether night - again!

I still enjoy reading the LVWC message board and I actually followed up on a members advice and fitted MX5 seats to my 1303!

I intended to go to Volksfing on the Sunday this year to see if anyone there had done this seat conversion so as I could get some ideas on how they done this conversion.
Unfortunately I broke down on my way there and ended up getting ‘piggy backed’ home via th AA! That’s a story for anther time!

Anyway, back to the seats - I got my engineering brain into action and made my own design mounting brackets to slightly modified MX5 base frames and I’m very pleased with the result as I didn’t have to remove or modify my original 3 point seat mounts!

I would have attached a picture of the fitted MX5 seats to this message but I don’t know how to!

Cheers the noo,

Hi Gordon, glad you got seats sorted out ! If you want to post up a pic just look for this symbol circled in red, when you reply click on it and select the image you want to post. Give it a go any issue just ask