MOT Quiz

Well worth trying the quiz on this website. I got more than one wrong. See how well you do?

i got 6 of the 9 correct but im not sure about the answer to question 3???

I’m ashamed at 4 :frowning:

1 thought if it had a cat at factory it needed it for mot
2 thought if it had a spare it must be in good condition
3 lights question was stupid and if i was moting it and it came in doing that i’d fail it.
4 thought tread must be same on trans axle but think now its just size!
5 hand brake i had no clue but thought it was 3 clicks

Glad I don’t mot my own cars

i do think the answer to q3 is that it must be legal if one is there

i would dispute quite a few of those answers, i think the editor is pulling something here

I think the answer to the dispute over question 3 goes something like this:

The MOT test only tests emissions - as long as those emissions are within a set limit (dependant on the age of the car), then the car will pass an MOT. This does not mean that the car will be legal for road use under construction and use regs (all cars manufactured post 1991? 1997? must be fitted with a cat) - I’m not sure who would actually enforce whether a cat was still fitted or not though. For most people I’m guessing that it would be pretty difficult to get a cat car through an emissions test without one fitted as the range is pretty tight…

As for the rest - well, there are some pretty weird regs out there for the MOT, and now its gone computerised, its possibly even harder for the MOT man to assign some unusual fails - esp on older, modified cars… A weird one i’d not seen before though was “exhaust noise significantly in excess of that of a similar car fitted with a standard system in fair condition” which begged the question - what would be a similar (standard) car?

I got 6 out of 9. As for the Cat all cars had to be fitted with one from K reg (92) onwards. However, a number of cars, in particular Volvos were fitted with them before that date, so you can actually removed them and they will still pass. After that date, there are more restrictive rules which a car would fail without a cat, I think.

8 out of 9! I hang my head in shame.
I got question 1 wrong, what a pisser.
Regarding other points raised;
Spare tyre(s) do not realy come into the MOT test at all, unless you’ve fitted your space saver, that would FAIL the test as you would have two tyres of different size on the same axle. Or if you are unfortunate enough to own a french car with the spare underneath the car and the cage thing isn’t properly secured, also means a failure.
As was mentioned already, as long as your car satisfies the emissions requirments for that particular model then a CAT isn’t required, although it would be impossible for most vehicles made after '92 to meet the requirements with out one.
The lights question was an interesting one and I’ll have to check on the exact wording in the testers manual to see if the answer given is in fact correct. It may actually be a fail due to the side light interfearing with the operation of another light?
Regarding tyre tread, doesn’t matter, as long as tyres as the same size on each axle and are fitted in accordance with the manufacturers instructions then no failure.
Hand brake must have “reserve travel” and meet a minimum effort of 16% of the vehicles braking wieght and it’ll pass, unless the tester can see a cable is frayed or if something is not properly attached.
Road Traffic Act and Constution and use reg’s are a different story completely! My favouite one is to do with window tinting, MOT is only bothered by tinting of the front windscreen, whereas the police will sting you on having the front side windows excessivly tinted as well. The crazy thing is that the police actually have a device to measure the tint ,i.e. the darkness of a window, but all they do if they stop you is give you a seven day ticket to sort it and get it checked by an MOT station once it’s done, the poor MOT guy doesn’t have the equipment to check it properly!
Martin hit the nail on the head with the exhaust noise failure, it is a very difficult thing to argue and the tester should be 110% sure that he is right before failing a car on that one. Otherwise if the test was appealed and VOSA didn’t agree wit the tester he would find himself in a spot of bother!
Just a quick further note for your inerest on the CAT question, there are a couple of weird cars out there that actually didn’t have a CAT fitted even though they were made after '92, these specific models have there own emissions standards to meet.
Any way back to studying the MOT testers guide!