Van needs MOT soon, anybody know a van friendly test centre in Fife / East Lothian :huh:

Roseburn Garage is fair and understands old VW’s. Its just beside Murrayfield.

Cheers Alan

Well its been for its Mot and all the things that I repaired got through, two wee patches of welding need done and it should pass the retest. Getting welded today pick it up tomorrow. Used Woodside Garage in Aberdour and weldings been done in Newmills.


thinking of my MOT soon I’m wishing you the best!!

just out of interest I have a 72 Bay campervan and does the Handbrake need to be set to a certain amount of pull to pass the MOT. I know they are not automatic adjustors and I have to pull it further (though not a ridiculous amount) than when I had new shoes put on. I think I’m on top of everything else so it would be a shame to fail just on that

many thanks


Haynes manual has the methed of setting it. I never changed mine just made sure the brakes were adjusted well with the handbrake off. when the wheel becomes harder to turn then back off on the adjusters by one notch. :slight_smile: Also went through the camper and bus mot checklist (minus the bit about welding)

The hand brake must have a minimum efficiency of 16% to satisfy the MOT, in a van if it holds you on a hill then it’s probably OK. With regard to the travel then you must have “reserve travel” i.e. the hand brake can’t be going to the last “click” of the ratchet!.
To adjust the handbrake properly you should first back off the hand brake adjustment then adjust the rear brake shoes through the back plate and then adjust the cables up evenly until you’ve got the right amount of travel. It’s always worth just checking that the brake works by getting a friend to work the footbrake and handbrake on and off while you check the wheels lock up as they should at the rear. Finally double check that the brakes are free with the hand/foot brake off.
Hope that all makes sense!

just stop treatin it like yor transit!! its not built for handbrake turn, keep that for the wifes clio!! :smiley:

a bay with a working hand brake? thats unheard of! :lol:

mines just amazing.
as far as mot . well its in kinross , loch leven motors down the market end of kinross. two years on the trot i’ve had a very good service.

Van passed with £100 of welding, not much in the scheme of things. :slight_smile: Now started to get to work on interior again r’n’r now finished and seatbelts fitted Buddy seats fitted and table mounts in place. Need to get wardrobe and overhead locker sized up and fitted. :smiley:
The transit definately does hand brake turns better than camper especially before new tyres were fitted :huh:

sounds like your making good progress sean you taking it over to mkid’s next week need to let the guys have a look at it!


thats a good idea.will be nice to see the van.oh and your good self of course.

Yep!!! Will be there only need to get the engine and bodywork sorted now :lol:

well i saw sean’s van today and i must say i was well impressed with the interior!

looking good mate keep up the good work !!

:smiley: :smiley:

Cheers Jigs, credit card resto’s you can’t beat them :wink:

I jumped on Seans thread, but thanks for answers to my query! - I don’t do old vans very well…sounds like i’ll get a garage to check it.