Well another pass for my Bay and £40 lighter in the pocket biggrin.gif

good stuff mate

nice 1

This is what we like to hear… dancinnanagif.gif

(The pass that is, not being £40 lighter for it…)

£35 at a council garage dancinnanagif.gif

:think And just think… I complain about the free $15 emissons inspection.

How is it free if it costs $15? :think

My SUV just passed it’s US emissions test. It’s not free it’s the equivalent of eight quid.

Haven’t found out if anything like an MOT exists here. I think not.

US Bob

I believe in California if your vehicle fails an emission test, it then has to go for a super-duper beefed-up MOT test where they check that everything related to emissions control is as per the original spec for that vehicle - the only exemption is if a part is no longer available. So said a guy on a Land Rover forum who was trying to find out what the original spec for his Landy was!