My 1984 Polo

Well here 's my new ride.
Just standard stock nothing special, and will remain like that :slight_smile:

Nice one, I learned to drive in a mk2 polo, great little cars. biggrin.gif

I want one.

Drives great, its just that the temp goes up quite a bit, all the way past the little light in the middle. When I turn up the heater it goes back to the middle again, but is this normal??? :think

Does the radiator fan kick in? Mine took ages so had to wire a switch to the dash.

It’s also worth checking the fuel tank for dirt and getting a good filter. My carb kept clogging up but nothing a bit of thin wire couldn’t sort.


Not sure if it does… never thought of listening or checking… could be the sensor then… :think
Long live aircooled. :rolleyes:

Fan does kick in, but rather late… when it’s almost at 3/4 :think
bit scary…