My 2.0 Aircooled T25

Hi Guys

I just joined your forum, I haven’t gotten out to meet you guys yet, but will make the Biggar show, Volksfling.

My Ride is a disaster-orange 1981 T25 2.0 air-cooled that was part of the Katastrophenschutz in Germany until she (Helga) was decommissioned in 2006, and was imported to the UK.



Welcome in mike i was having a look at this the other night when it was parked in penicuik. Nice.

Yup that we me! Likely I will join up at the Biggar show. Hope to meet some of you folks then.



Hi Mike

Another 81 2Ltr dancinnanagif.gif

Looks like an early one. Brickyard has the some good info on these.


Cheers Guys wave.gif