my 2 dubs

Hi All

Couple of pics of my two vw’s

Mk1 Gti

Mk4 R32



nice motors dude

cassie27 - 13/5/2012 7:51 PM

nice motors dude

Thanks bud. Try and get the mk1 out as much as I can. I really need to use the other more tho!

:thumb: very nice Gti and the R32 ain’t so bad either

love the mk 1 campaign mate…sweeeeeet

now 3rd vdub ! Lovin it

iDub - 30/8/2012 11:54 PM

now 3rd vdub ! Lovin it

Image sorted

Cool bus too B)

Thanks for that bud. Was trying to work out how to post pics on here again.

Should be:

[ IMG=[/IMG]

With no space between the [IMG=…

Hope this helps :beers:

Spot on. Cheers

Got myself a kyham motordome classic. Highly recommend it for all the van owners out there.

Pops up in 5 mins and about another 15 to peg it all out.

My wee mk1 is in this months Practical Classics magazine. Well chuffed. Worth a read if your like the old Golf’s. She turns 30 this year too.


Brilliant :thumb:

Can’t really read the text, good excuse to buy another magazine tho…


Magic mate well done ill defo buy this for a read…very cool ride bowdown.gif

Thanks all. :slight_smile: