my 62 bug

here’s a few pics

Decent looking motor bud :beers:

Looks good. How much work does it need, or are you planning on doing to it?


it will be visiting sam for a drivers side floor pan and heater channel there are a couple of other bits that nead welding that i will do my self the paint is peeling off in places so i recon i will try to rub the affected areas down and spray them myself as the paint on the rest of the car is quite good the interior neads replaced but i will do that once i get the car on the road

Nice! :thumb:

Bit lowered I see, so taking shape already! :rolleyes:

managed to get it starting off the key tonight fab dancinnanagif.gif


interior is off to get a retrim the old ones were a bit worn

Si, remember tae take the chib ooot the back pockit next time, ye’ll ruin yoor seats :lol:

Dude, You gotta get that wind problem under control w00t.gif :thumb:

hey simon, that looks not too bad…

any progress??? biggrin.gif

seats have been reupholstered and are looking fabulous

post some pics Simon and let us see. Can’t believe you’ve taken out that Bernard Newbury interior!!! B)

ive just had my lap top repaired and i seem to have lost the ability to resize pictures i will sort this out and post pics

hope the pic works

What did you do to lower it?

the bug was lowered when i got it i think it is droped one spline at the rear and it has an adjustable beam at the front

Loving the seat, nicely done

Seats looks great, nice colors.

hey Si, seats looking good…

where the fitted photos??? heehaw.gif