my '63 Beetle in need of TLC

Hi all,

I’ve been out of the VW game for a couple of years since blowing up the engine on my beetle “Ruby”

I’ve finally got some money together to get the engine rebuilt and some body work done.

This was Ruby on her last day on the road a couple of years ago:

She has been sat on my drive for a little too long and the Scottish weather has taken its toll on her.

The shopping list so far:

Front apron

spare wheel well

Bottom of Drivers door inside and out

2 heater channels

Possible rear cross member

2 rear wings

possible rear apron ( was thinking about making this removable, not sure if anyone on here has done that on here?)

Work List:

Rebuild engine

Convert engine to FI and electronic ignition

Make her shiny again.

More picture to come as I start work.

Looks like I have a busy winter ahead!



Good luck, keep us posted on the process

Thanks Nict. Just sarting to price up the panels. Are klokkerholm panels any good?


dude i have a removable rear apron on mine come for a look, but be quick as i have sold it !!

i also have some brand new csp rear wings £200ono ???

iv done the removable rear apron on one of mine easy to do and makes engine changes easy!

Cheers jigs.

Cassie, can you PM your address and I’ll see if i can pop up tomorrow.


pm sent mate

And so the build begins and of course the rust is worse than first thought.

I’ve added a link to a gallery rather than posting the single pics here.

Bug Build

So far the running boards are shot might need some repairs on the lower wings and there are some dodgy repairs that have gone rusty.



Good luck with it, be persistant

consider doing body off rebuild , better in the long run.

Still thinking about that. It’ll be easier doing that in the long run for the heater channels. The only issue is where to put the body/chassis while the other one is in the garage.

How’s the build gone. Have I missed it out on the road?

Wish mine was as solid as that.