My New Van

Got this a few weeks ago! Baught it as it seemed a bit different and I was needing transport.

Does anyone know of any others, tried on google and can only really find anything about mk3’s


Have you still got the Splittie or is it sold.

Regards Mark.

Nope sorry it sold a while ago.

Whats going on today I have had about 7 people interested :o

Seen you in vzi looking at splitty’s any luck? :wink:

Not as of yet, im actually looking for a bay, but you got to check the splits just incase! :smiley:

Tony Poli has a Early Bay Westy he’d part with for the right money. It’s just about ready for paint. No welding necessary. Let me know if you want his number. He’s also got a very solid and lovely 13 window for at around £9000. It is currently in primer just about to be painted. It’s got a fantastic interior as well. Can’t remember which one but it’s in great nick.

The 11 window Split is a '65 model with a pre-'63 (small window, piano hinged) tailgate section conversion, solid roof (no pop-top), Canterbury Pitt interior (my old van furniture!), and a chassis & floorpan built to outlast the Queen Mary II. Looks absolutely great too - just waiting for paint!
Tony doesn’t hype up much of his stuff online (unlike when you meet the guy :smiley: ) but even I want this van! He won’t do p/ex without me losing a lotta good bits on Eva (IRS, BJ axle, etc.) so I’m continuing with her ongoing resto (14 years and counting…) :lol:

Slobbo I’m looking for a bay also, any chance you could send me his details or give him mine