new front seats for campervan

i’m looking to replace the old (but fine nick) front seats in type 2 camper with something more modern, comfortable with head rests. any suggestions on how to do this cheaply? cheers :slight_smile:

scrappy!! saab seats seem a good option and loads have fitted them. get original runners with seats and weld/bolt them in place of yours. My van has later style T4 seats fitted and look like they fit easy but are not as pleasing on the eyes :slight_smile:

ps check out justkampers forum as there is loads of info in there and pics, seen a bay with jag leather seats fitted and looks well nice!!!

cheers for that. SAAB 900 or later do you know? Need to check it out. Mainly trying to do it cheap - but not too nasty on the eye! :slight_smile:

thinking about it you can get leather for SAAB too so that would be cool. cany idea how much scrappy woulod charge and if one around edinburgh who’s ok?

Saab 9000 seats I think are pretty cheap and easily found (try ebay too) its pretty easy to fit most as long as you check runners are fairly flat bottomed or have even runners. Also mind get seats that are not too high as you’ll be looking at visors all day! saab seats are good as fairly low and level runners and leather in abundance!!! not to mention heated

try S & I thomson in galasheils or sports car breakers in edinburgh

brilliant tips - the hunt can begin! cheers :smiley:

saw audi tt leather seats in a van they looked the dogs a bit of a pain to fit apparently. im sure others on here have changed theres.

Other easy seat options are:
Porsche 911 / 924 / 944 (currently have 924 seats in mine - very comfy after 3000 miles round Europe!)
Volvo 340 (Had these perches fitted for over 10 years - no backache, just wrong colour…)
BMW 5 series (pre '95 ish… Jamie’s got these in leather I think?)
Vauxhall Cavalier SRi (Recaro styling, base fits easily to Bug subframes, ergo can adapt to Van…)
Toyota Camry (Slobbo’s choice?)

Anyhoo, pretty much any car seat can be made to fit in a Van!
The main factors are low base height and width, followed by style and the amount of welding or bracket fabrication you’re prepared to do. Finally, if you’re good with electrics, there’s always adjuster motors, heaters and even bloody massagers to play with… :slight_smile: