New paint job check it out!!!

check oot ma new shiney bus in albums!!


Looked good before, looks great now. :smiley: Who painted it?

Oh, and how did you fit dome hubcaps on a late Bay?

me mate Dave!!! he’s a guy from McGowan motors who did my bug. The dome caps are available from justkampers and fit straight on.


Green - its the way to go.

Time for a new avatar, I think, Purplebug. :rasp

looks good m8, obviously an unbiased opinion from Alan :smiley:

personally i prefer the Blue :smiley:

just need a nice interior to complement it now!! and wheels!!! oh and lowered!!!

nice job,looks good

That’s a levely paint colour, lloking real good, though I have to say your bus looks kinda unhappy with those headlight brows

looks great!

i have seen this in the flesh and it is V nice top job. same about the driver tho :rasp

that should read SHAME about the driver tho!!! oppps

good one jigs!!

nothin worse than trying to be smart and ending up an arse!!! :smiley: