New ride - '91 LHD Syncro

Been using this off road for a couple of weeks now and it is brilliant. I think there are engine issues I need to sort out but hey, for the fun I am having, who cares.
Complete opposite of the Camper since it is in poor to reasonable condition so I go anywher, do anyhting and don’t care. Not a long range cruiser but great for carrying stuff and using off road. Throw anything in it and head off, no problems. Bought a new chest freezer and picked it up in the back of the Syncro. Took all the Christmas stuff, tree and stuff off to the skip, no problem.

Will be doing some work to it in the coming (warm?) months but for new it is just the nusts, and iff the snow comes it will be the KING.


sound cool where the pics ?

pics? heehaw.gif

Its cool all right, its a beast!!

Pics to follow once I get the advertising, racks and bull bar off it!!!

pics with the bull bars and logos will be fab

OK OK OK, here they are (Maybe duplicated tho’ something went funny when I uploaded!!!)

Logos are off now and bull bar to follow. Engine getting the once over in Feb and new seat covers and door cards following in March


Both roof racks are for sale if anyone is interested?


thats well fab andy