New Scirrocco

Dont miss the NEW SCIRROCCO in the STAR tommorrow

i believe it will look like this -


i like it from the pictures :thumb:

NAH !!!

much prefer the old ones !!!

i much prefer the old ones too!! but how much does it look like one of the new astras, especially in the second pic!

Not good, looks like a squashed golf. Nothing like the old one, which although not pretty was definitely a coupe.

i think it looks like one of those t spark alfas that lose half their value as soon as you sign the final paperwork. smart, but the old ones are definitely more subtle and individual. this looks like any of the many car manufacturers could churn these out.
still wouldnt say no right enough.

Rather have a T-spark Alfa…
…but I’d kick about in anything - not fussy me :rolleyes:

It’s got the slammed look as standard though - that’s got to be good, eh? :thumb:
It’s silver… :rolleyes:

Mk.1 ruled! :thumb: