New workshop Daily driver

Our new parts hauler biggrin.gif
Me and Craig picked this 71 bay pick up down south and drove it back up the road.
Only two breakdowns on the way home,first the coil king lead fell off as i was in the second lane overtaking a truck on the M6!!! w00t.gif
Then the back box fell off 100 miles from home…totally def now!!! Brilliant road trip tho some laugh dancinnanagif.gif :beers:

That truck is awesome

We love it and the driving position rocks!!! Nae 3" tubs on this bad boy.
Ive been hard at work putting our own stamp on it.

Bumpers,wheels,exhaust,truck mirrors and custom stussy stencil all done dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif

4.5" Narrowed beam on order biggrin.gif

Just love the ratty look though

us too mate but we had to put some shinny bits on to make it pop B)

White roof faded out and a canopy soon. Plus some cool sign writing and pinsriping heehaw.gif

Looking good

Nice one, theres a surf trip coming up if you fancy it

Prob workin as usual…Whats the surf trip and when?

OMG sell me the pick up its my name on the reg plate, LOL

Nice one Coco. Will look the biz with the canopy and sign writing.

End of October up to Durness for a couple nights.

Nice door mirrors!!! Cool as :slight_smile:

Totally cool!

Loving the cab mate… Primer grey and white against shiny chrome looks the mutts. Nice!

very very cool mate.

Very nice Coco

Cheers for all the positive comments guysNgirls bowdown.gif :beers:

cheers for putting my ugly mug up mad.gif :rasp

bowdown.gif Very nice single bay, I’m sooooo jelous.

That rocks! B)

Nice one Colin’n’Craig!

(Ta for refreshing this post Dave as it had slipped off my radar when originally posted!)