Newbie in Edinburgh looking for some advice.

Hi All,

My baby is currently comatose & I’m looking to resurrect her. Her name is Daisy & she’s an April 1991 Oak Green Golf mk2 1.8l 16v GTI 5 dr. She’s been SORN for the past 2 years and has been open to the elements for the duration.
I want to get her back on the road so I can do her up & have a really nice classic car to go to meets in etc. so I’m looking for advice on how to go about it? Does this club have garage facilities & services for members use, or perhaps storage facilities to rent? If not, can anyone recommend an affordable mechanic that’s also an enthusiast?
Should I have her serviced first or should I just send her straight for an MOT?
The engine hasn’t been turned over in all the time she’s sat there. I was thinking of buying a new battery & just trying to start her up but I’m worried that it may damage her in some way if the oil is filthy. I really have no knowledge so any advice would be much appreciated.

I was also thinking of coming to the monthly meet at Hillend but was wondering how I know who you all are? Do you have a room or a table or something?



Hi Jennifer
The club doesn’t have any property that we rent altho some members may be able to share details of where they use for storage,
Getting a new battery is a good idea, some fresh petrol, check oil etc is sensible before you start it up.
The monthly meets at The Steading Inn, if you come in via car park we sit just in that area you walk into on the right. If your unsure the bar staff will point us out to you.

I started an ibiza Cupra that had sat for about 8 ish years after just checking and topping up the oil and sticking 5litres of Bp ultimate in it. Bit tappety at first but basically fine.

Might be an idea to crank it without the distributor connected though at first to see if it will build a bit of oil up round the engine?