Newbie in Edinburgh

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I just bought a 1979 type 2 (left hand drive, 1600cc). I had an air cooled type 25 many years ago so I’ve been having fun getting requainted, changing the oil and fixing a few obvious problems (e.g. the accelerator pedal hinge disintegrated - I should have the replacement on in the next few days, after which she’ll move under her own steam again).

I have a couple of questions so far:

  • Where’s good for an MOT around Edinburgh?
  • What about welding? - specifically to the cab floor

The van’s MOT’d at the moment but only for another couple of months or so. The cab floors are very rusty; I don’t do my own welding (sadly) but to me it looks like it should be possible just to weld a couple of flat sheets onto these (there’s sound metal all around the worst affected areas and it’s the simple flat bit in each footwell that’s really rotten, not the more complicated bit around the pedals etc). Failing that I see Just Kampers sell a complete LHD cab floor - fairly pricey but I’d resort to that if need be, if I could find someone willing to do the work.

Any tips on who would be good to deal with near Edinburgh would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi welcome in . A few of the Edinburgh lads will help you with recommendations for an mot .

ap autos in loanhead
Dryden glen industrial estate
Have used them couple times for mot

Hi welcome

Greenend garage
Sunnybank terrace
Not far from McDonald’s at London road near meadowbank
I had a chance dealing with them with a works van a while back for a minor repair but found them good to deal with,the owner has beetles of his own And I was told most of the guys do work on them if they have time etc