Newbie in Edinburgh

Hi, I’m Joe and I am caring for a 1979 T2 which has just developed a serious oil leak :frowning: New pushrod tube seals and rocker cover gaskets on order, hope to have it fixed this weekend :slight_smile: Hope to see you at The Steading soon.

Hi Joe welcome in.
The Steading meeting is tomorrow night (wednesday) from 7.30pm onwards, it is holiday season so may be quieter than normal tho.

Hi Joe . Welcome in 👍

Welcome beppy, did you manage to fix the leak?

Yes, I bought o-rings for all of the pushrod tubes and rocker cover cork gaskets. The whole job took about 4 hours, but of course if I had to do it again it would not take as long! The Camper travelled about 360 miles yesterday down to Ely and the seals seem OK now.

Happy days 👍

Good job well done 👍