hi all my names gary im a newbie to this site and a newbie to volkswagons. im 32 married with 3 kids im a landscape gardner and a diy nut in my spare time if i ever get any i like to tinker about with things mainly mechanical, however i have just purchased myself a new project. a volkswaen lt35 motor home on an S plate so its tax exempt at least however the engines in bits and has no tax or test so this is where it begins .

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s plate ('78) you say ? thats no tax exempt ???

has to be built before 1972 to qualify for historic tax.

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Thankyou ! dont know if this is the right place for help or not but surely someone can keep me right lol.

thanx jigs i thought it was 25 year or older im glad you told me cheers :rolleyes:

yeah it was ment to be that way but the goverment relised how much money they would loose so they quickly put a stop to it !! and set a cut of date.

TYPICAL! just my luck so it is

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i’m a fellow newbie… enjoying the forums
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hi all thanx for the welcome hope to chat with you all at some point cheers!

Any pics and I can add you into the newsletter?