hi all just signed up :rasp

Hows it Goin m8

hi there where abouts are you in west lothian mate i am down in Boness.

Been working nightshift all my life so on dayshift now so will be able to get to meetings and stuff.

What vws you got?

welcome to the club cassie


hey there Colin…



welcome man. what you driving or fixing

hi cassie welcome to the mad club


ah driving and fixing 69 bug 67 camper

hey man hows things :beers:

You know, some people here might actually give you some good advice :lol: :rs


The Dutch Bloke - 2007-11-05 4:29 PM
…some people here might actually give you some good advice :lol:

…and some dodgy humour to balance the sheet of course! :lol:

Welcome in Colin! :beers:
Any pics of your Dubs…?

got a few i want to put up but cant bloody get them on here :think

Hopefully these threads will help you out :

If your pic is less than 100kb, or can be edited to under that, the easiest option is to tick the

[ v ] Attach a file after posting

at the bottom of the reply box.
Then browse your picture folders and attach the images you want.
Finally, click the ‘return to thread’ bit and your pics should appear like this :