No gear and absolutely no idea.............

Ive decided to do a post on my split screen work, not really to show any of my work but more to give others the confidence and drive to have a go with there own projects

In the real world having a trailer queen or doing a cheque book restoration is not possible, nothing would please me more to be able to drop it off at a restoration company and say "phone me when it’s fixed "

My moto for rust has always been, if in doubt cut it out.

Looking forward to seeing the progress,

That stuff is evil 😈

I’ve had some good results with that stuff. Also seems to last better than most similar products. I would still buff the rust down with a knotted wheel on a grinder first though.

Anymore progress Paul?

There’s only one way to deal with rust…blasting…soda blasting is more gentle and doesn’t leave too a rough surface. rust treatment out a tin lasts a year or so then will bubble through the paint.

must be due an update by now??

Aye he’s nailed the garage door shut now 😂😂

Still no update @paul

It’s been a while since I had time to check on the bus and do an update,
Here is the picture I took today


Best dig your welder back out ! @paul