non vw question

what was the ardvark that was on childerns bbc many moons ago called? and was he on with andi peters or toby anstis? :smiley:

If you wanna cheat in Pub Quizzes, it’s faster by text Si… :lol:

Otis the Aardvark…?

Found this after a quick Googley…

" Children’s TV - What happened?

I remember the good old days of the Broom Cupboard, with Andi Peters and Ed the Duck. Children’s television lost it’s spark when CBBC and CITV both moved into massive great big studio’s with high tech gadgets. When CBBC was back in the Broom Cupboard, there was a sort of homely feel, you felt comfortable in the company of your favourite stars. The presenter was allowed to introduce Neighbours instead of the BBC One continuity anouncer, it may sound funny but it added somthing to the feel of the programme. CITV used to make quality childrens programmes which included drama, they don’t do that anymore. Drama sereis like Mike and Angelo and Children’s Ward have long since finished leaving CITV with no long running drama series. Loosing the lovable puppets, Ed the Duck, Otis the Aardvark and Gordon the Gopher from CBBC has made the programme/channel more sterille with no real personality. Maybe I’m just on a nostalgia trip, even though I’m only 17, but I think that the quality has dropped in the past few year (CITV has been going downhill for years).

I would be interested to hear other views.
Thank you…"


thanks for that guys youve put four adults with to much time on there hands out of their misery :thumb: