Not your average VW Golf...

This download is really not dial-up friendly at around 51Mb but for those of you with broadband it’s definitely worth it! Unfortunately, the sound track is Swiss cheese.

Windows Media movie of 580bhp vr6.

That was an awsome movie. Did you happen to get a copy the link is now broken.


YGPM :slight_smile:

I’ve found another link to this if anyone missed it…

Ugly car but seems to go ok!

Cheers for that extra link - I didn’t download it the first time round due to only having 56k dial-up modem peesh.
Now I got broadband here in the Lime - no worries! Almost as fast as that Golf… :o
:think After we’ve done this Club Beetle Project, maybe we should show our respect to the water-cooled frat by churning out something like this next! Sam’s got an R32 Golf and Ian ‘Turbo’ Evans might know a few more tricks by then…! :wink: