Off road bug

Anyone built or have a rally prep’d bug? I’ve always fancy having a go at one but not sure how much mods would be needed?

You need to speak to @keith he has built 2 rally bugs in recent years.


Depends on what you want to do. Just want the style or to go rallying?

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Something like this! I like that a lot.

I’m actually currently going down this exact road with my bug. using that exact one as inspiration. keeping as much stock as possible…for now.

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Can’t wait to see it @Raptor9014

It’s a great look. Would you plan to use off road, do you reckon?


it’s going to be a little longer now…but should be all done hopefully to play in by next summer…fingers crossed.

I was thinking a little light off roading like up at the off road centre or being able to tackle some of my friends stuff up in the highlands, but also keeping it as 1 of my dailies. i love the idea of pulling up in a raised bug.

Agreed - good look. I still lightly compete in my Land Rover after pi55ing more money than I’d like to admit on racing them in late 90s. Think I was on 3mpg for some of the races ;-).

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