Old and Decrepit

When I reach the point where DVLA takes my driving licence away and won’t let me loose on the roads anymore, I think I’ll get one of these …


Absolutely amazing. I never knew planes could be so agile.


That is fantastic, I wish I could even begin to understand how they do it. I had no idea a plane could hold sustained oversteer for so long either.

I inadvertantly ducked once or twice and was convinced several times that I was watching what can go wrong - not a bit of it.

Let me know when you get yours Alan, I want a go!

No idea how they can do any of that at all… most amazing is the look of absolute calm on their face as they’re flying upside down 20 feet off the ground then flipping over into a barrel roll…

Dunno if i’d want to be a passenger!

Gives new meaning to the phrase “going for a spin”, wouldn’t fancy asking for a lift after a 3 course meal!

Just watched it again - effin’ stunnin’ …
anyone up for a timeshare?


I just watched it again too, incredible, beautiful but still mad.

I can’t (excuse my ignorance) load it onto CD or it seems my HD. Never mind. I’ll just have to wait until Alan organises this time-share thing.

If right click and save doesn’t work,
left click and wait till Windows Media Player has loaded it all, the go to FILE (in media player) and select SAVE MEDIA AS …
then you can play it any time with the volume tuned up real LOUD