OLD club car

Just spotted the pics Alex has posted up of the old club car…

Can’t believe it met its maker TEN years ago, wow.

I never got to drive it somehow but I do remember it being way quicker than it looked due to a Type4 lump?


I never got to drive it, either… I did get a face full of glass, a couple of cracked ribs and a wrenched shoulder when it rolled, though. The back window popped out as it went over and didn’t break, which I thought was a bit of a miracle. I’m sure it won some points in the show and shine the following day at Crail, too, as a comedy entry, even though there wasn’t an undamaged panel left on it! Last I saw, the roof had been cut off and a roll cage fitted. What eventually happened to it?

My scanned pics of this car show it at Doune ('94 - '94 I think) in ‘grafitti’ art finish, and with Alan M. squaring up for a blast down the strip at Crail. I reckon this must have been Volksfling '95 as ‘Dawg’, my maroon & white Bug is in the shot too (the year I took him instead of Eva).
BUT, the big question for me is - how did it get rolled, and who was driving? I’m not asking to embarass those involved, just kinda curious as to how it met an early end, as I can’t seem to remember the incident.
Unfortunately, I only went to the 'Fling '95 for a half day of Saturday racing and autotesting. If the akciddento happened on Sunday, HOW??
C’mon someone (ie.Ni) :wink: - let’s hear the full story…!

Jim was driving, I think it was a case of overdoing it round a cone, and then he hit some tyres or something whilst going sideways.

The roll happened on the Saturday late afternoon, as I recall. Jim was driving round the service roads away from the drag strip and autotest to show me what it could do before I had a shot. He got it up to what I remember to be around 50mph and started weaving, while warning me that, with the 1700 Type 4 engine, it was even more tail happy than a typical Bug. It was all a bit rally-driving-ish on loose stones until the back slid out a little too far, he over-corrected and then we ran out of loose stones. The tyres bit while we were facing sideways on smooth tarmac.

Oddly enough, I remember the rest as if it happened in slow motion. The car started to roll, bit it didn’t seem to be side over side, it really felt like corner to corner/end over end. The first impact smashed the windscreen and, as all the glass flew towards us, I put my hands over my face to protect it. Probably just as well as the windows were open and I wouldn’t like to think what could have happened if my arm had gone out the window. The seatbelts in the club car didn’t work - well, the passenger seat one didn’t, that’s for sure, I had tried to fasten it but no luck… and just as well! If I’d have had a seatbelt on and been subjected to those forces while being held in place, I fear that my back or neck could have been pretty badly injured! I’m sure the car rolled only the once and we landed back on our wheels but facing the way we had come (which may also indicate a more end-over-end roll, I’m sure I’ve got photos of the scrapes that might be a bit more conclusive). As the car finished rolling and the rear wheels smacked down, I was thrown from the front seat up and backwards at great speed, bending the back of the seat as I flew and giving my head an almighty smack on the roof. The base of the back seat had come up and, after bashing my chest off the back of the bent front seat, I ended up just about sitting on the battery - another lucky escape. Jim had valiantly held on to the steering wheel throughout but I’m sure his arm and shoulder got unpleasantly grazed in the second or so it took to roll the car.

As the car came to rest, Jim looked around, ashen-faced and we simultaneously asked each other if we were okay… then we had the Starsky and Hutch panic that something might catch fire and decided to get out of the car quick smart. I remember the passenger door being very difficult to open but I can’t remember if I climbed out of the window or if we kicked it, that part’s a bit of a blur. Anyway, we got out and staggered away to what we thought would be a safe distance while repeating choice swearwords over and over.

The car obviously couldn’t be driven (actually, it was later but we thought it couldn’t be) so we started walking back to the rest of the club and, on the way, I think we hailed down the Evanses. Actually, that bit’s a blur too but I do remember Ian laughing heartily about it: it obviously appealled to his sense of humour. Jim’s primary concern was to find Alan (the club Chairman at the time) and explain what happened and apologise profusely. Alan was brilliantly magnanimous and was just happy that we weren’t seriously injured, God bless him.

Jim and I were strangely upbeat for the next little while and my girlfriend videoed us talking about what happened. I must have the video somewhere, it’s got both me and Jim talking about it from our own points of view. The annoying thing was that I came very close to taking the video camera in the car with me… but I might have lost an eye when the car rolled so maybe it’s just as well.

After the adrenalin wore off I was actually in quite a lot of pain so Sharon, in her little white Bug, took Jim, Amanda and me to Kirkcaldy hospital to get checked out. They did very little other than question us lots about where it happened and that it didn’t happen on a public highway. When we returned, a serious fog had descended and a cop car actually escorted us back to Crail Raceway. Sharon was driving at walking pace when we arrived and rabbits kept running in front of the car. Jim screamed at the rabbits to get out of the way which was actually quite funny but, in typical fashion after the dust has settled, I kind of went into shock and ended up a pathetic blubbering mess.

My girlfriend and I had been trading as Croyde Bay Surfing Designs at the show (our first business with the company that I eventually left Scotland to work for full-time) and, as I’d abandoned the awning that we were trading out of, someone took the initiative to put all of the stock away. Of course, I was a useless quivering wreck so Alan sorted out my Bus for me and I went to bed for an incredibly uncomfortable sleep. I’m not sure if I ever thanked Sharon and Alan for their help that day so, if I didn’t, thanks!

The next day I my shoulder had really stiffened up and my chest was killing me but I was in better spirits. Someone suggested that we entered what was left of the club car into the Sunday show and shine. We didn’t win (duh!) but I’m sure we got some points (It was the blue double-door splitty that took top honours, despite massive scrapes down one side from a sliding door that came off the Iveco van parked next to it the night before). Later that day, at the prizegiving bit, Jim won a Volksfling trophy for “most stupid thing done over the weekend” which he immediately gave to me as I was sore and he was sorry. It’s still on display in my front room, quite a talking point.

I’m not entirely convinced that it was the most stupid thing done over the whole weekend, though. The fog had descended again big style by the time we were all getting ready to leave and two other stupid things happened (albeit after the prizegiving). 1st: Amanda gave my girlfriend (at the time) a drive of her purple Beetle around the campsite before finding out that she had never been behind the wheel of a vehicle before in her life! 2nd: Jim gave Ian a shot of his CBR600, without a helmet, in ridiculously poor visibility. Ian disappeared into the fog at what sounded like great speed and returned one of the funniest sites I’ve seen. He had aviator shades on and a fag in his mouth and returned to where we were with his hair stuck in position as if he was in a wind tunnel - and still managed to look cool!

Oddly, I still look back at that weekend fondly.

Fantasitic post. That could have gone in the Blether. Any other Gems like that forward to Bob for posterity.


Feel free to use it. It’ll be interesting if other folks that were there posted their memories, too. If I can find any photos of the smashed up car, I’ll give y’all a shout, too… although I’ll have to see if I can get my old scanner working.

Although no-one else saw the incident, the marks on the ground spoke for themselves. There were black tyre marks where the car had started to skid, then they crossed over as the car spun end-to-end and then they dissappeared! - no part of the car in contact with terra frirma at this point. Further on, about 15-20m or so , there was blue and white paint skid marks from the cars roof and some broken glass scattered around. Then a bit beyond that a bent Beetle, sitting the right way up looking seriously dishevelled.
Although the occupants only suffered minor injuries, I’ll bet there’s still a few mental scars left.
The RAC guy didn’t even asked any difficult questions prior to recovering it back to Edinburgh.

ok its abit funny now but two people running through crops sying help is a bit frightning. whats wrong are you ok. when reply is yes laugh a lot. and then some more. they both wanted to leave on sat but were told best punishment for their (adventures) was to stay on site and have the mikey taken which they did as brave soles. jim had lost the car and spun steering wheel to try and correct (avoid wullies crops) leaving wheels at 90 degrees to motion of car which then decided to grip spining car at a 45 degree angle a full 360. car was later converted then was scrapped but someone got floorpan as it was good. having a shot on jims bike i handed it back saying never let me do that again modern bikes are too easy if you make a mistake at that speed it will really hurt ime more use to having to work to get round cornerns at speed on a bike bring back the 80’s

ps let do it again the club car brought the club together and was very good especcially in the autotests as everyone had the same car so it was the driver not their car that won. let me know when things are going to start as i will take an active part as long as not wed or weekends as they are family (fishing) times