Old pic of first car at work

[IMG]https://www.flickr.com/photos/72088120@N04/7062538755/" title=“My bug 12 years ago at work with my dream car by cocos kustoms, on Flickr”><img]

cool, i love that bug very nice mate,
great pic

Wow . Must have been great having a merc gull wing for your first car . :think . Nice bug next to it

:lol: Haha!! I wish Bazza!!! Thats my Gull-wing when i win the Euro millions :thumb:
Gutted as its now in Auz Racing in some classic car series, . Id be a tad nervous racing a 250+k motor tho!!!
Suppose its better that than it sitting gathering dust in a garage.
Miss the old girl as they are a work of art and the old Skool engineering is way ahead of its time for a 1954 car. bowdown.gif

Sam@pfp did a fantastic job on the beetle paint work. bowdown.gif

Great colour, what is it? It looks like Ford Cayman blue.

:thumb: Cheers mate
Its Mercedes Vivinite Green

wanna swap that bug for a parts hauling saab estate??? :wink:

its no a mexican is it :rasp

A bloody scaab!!! mad.gif You’ve chucked it Martyn :rasp It is for sale tho heehaw.gif

Craig don’t be a Vw snob already mate :lol:
It was limited edition built in Mex for the East German market!!! :rasp
Is your Bay finished yit??? :think :think :rasp :rasp :rasp

Coco - 22/4/2012 7:51 PM

Is your Bay finished yit??? :think :think :rasp :rasp :rasp

almost done, just need the panels between the front badge and the rear numberplate lamp :thumb:

Saab/vw are my bag colin :wink: had 5 dubs and 6 saabs :slight_smile:
So is that a no then? Its 250bhp standard :wink:

Need to get you a saab patch and start weening you off them mate!!! :rasp
Just cash for my bug mate as I’m looking for an Ghia or an Oval :thumb: