on ebay

found this one thought it might be of interest to someone on the forum.
hi mark…


looks like martyns got his eye on it,im sure hes highest bidder :lol:

Simons probably wating till the last few second to steal it from him

the scary thing is your probably right !!!



That has got to be the most god awful thing I have seen in a long time

it actually looks not bad if you are colour blind like me. mark i was at sams and he has taken youre barbie jeep down to brake ways for them to match the paint for youre bug :rasp

spot on,sounds good,hey its not my fault you ended up with baby pink instead of barbie pink so dont be taking it out on me when you like mine better

is there a book going on who gets the first pink bug in the club? lucky i chnged jigs mind from poofy pink to babyboy blue!!!

excuse me but my beetle was pink and i have changed it to blue !!! ( and i aint joking neither ) so does that mean i win ?? whats my prize then ?? come on hand it over!!!