Our 1975 Bay Window. Australian Import.

Our 1975 Bay Window. Australian Import.

Looking good

looks well nice

Amazing! Got a lot to learn tho. Tad different from the T25.


what shade of blue is it as looks fab

It’s called Calgary Blue. I’m told it was purchased from Dingbro for the respray. Love it.

My mistake its Niagara Blue. Still love it!

Recent pics.

damn fine bay


Just logged in - first time in ages. Been a busy summer. Your Aussie import looks fab. I got one too in February, after searching for a long time, and I love it. Enjoy !

Nice van, no Wildebeest in Scotland though :slight_smile:

The bars are for hanging Arbroath Smokies John 😉

Managed to get the interior finished just a few snagging jobs to do. (And an engine repair then we’ll be all go)
Couple of pics of how it’s turned out. :thumb:

Looks great

Proper job :thumb:

Love the flooring, looks great!

Any joy with the engine? Sounds like a club garage day in the making?

I got an end cut of Lino for £20 locally, managed to cover the floor & above the engine to hopefully help with noise reduction. It’s nice a thick so soft underfoot.

Put the van into the garage to see if I could get it fixed quickly, people on the forum are so helpful but I understand everyone has there own projects and busy lives to be worrying about my problems.

I try and do as much as I can with the camper, I’m restricted with space, storage & tools tho. One day I’ll have a big garage to use as a workshop. :beers:
I made a buddy/toilet seat last week in the back garden and had to gather everything up every time the rain came on, it was a joke. Turned out fine in the end tho.


Very nice indeed, what kit did you use?

It’s not really a kit, I bought 12mm 8x4 boards, 12mm T Trim & Push Button Latches from Magnum Mororhomes.