paint question

hi guys new member to the club, joined up at Bigger, I’ve recently bought two vans ,bay windows 1972/1973 ,ones going back on the road the other one has had its day,though the engine is good.any way the question i have is about paint, i’m coming close to that time and have a few options.
can any one in the club paint or suggest some one who can.i’ve got access to a gun and comp. and will have the van ready for priming in about two weeks could be done insitu or moved to a paint booth.
also would like to find about getting hold of some cellulose paint.
any help would be appreciated chhers
unrelated question does any one know anything about pop doors/door shaved kits cheers

mkid - 2005-06-03 9:57 PM
unrelated question does any one know anything about pop doors/door shaved kits cheers

Can’t help with the paint query, although Sam @ PFP did a damn nice job on my Bus about 9 years ago and is a thoroughly nice chap.

As for the solenoid doors stuff, Michael Leche (of “Homer” fame, possibly my all-time fave custom Bug) sells all the goodies: solenoids, catches etc. at . I’ve no experience of buying from there but I’ve spoken to him (Beetlebash '96) and he sure knows his stuff.

Good luck, let us know how you get on! :smiley:

use the solanoid from a starter motor. in a van its dead easy as you have space in door to mount ina straight line fromdoor catch. to the solenoid fit a wire (piece of old accelerator cable) attach other end to catch. the secret is to make this connection not to tight as you want the solenoid to start to move before it actuates the door.the wiring is just some form of switch. hint hide a lead from positive of solenoid somewhere outside van. so if you have flat battery you can use jump leads to enter car

With Regard to paint try Brown Brothers in 0131 443 8905
14-16 Stenhouse Mill, Wynd, Edinburgh

They helped me out with paint for red. Not Cellulose, but the also do it. You may need to ask nicely as I think you need all the proper breathing kit to use it. Shoot me if I’m wrong. Make sure that if you are going to take it else where to paint that you know what is going to go on top of the primer…It would be a disaster if it reacted.

Lothian Brakeways in Dalkeith really good guys cheap paint will mix anything for you cellulose or 2K. Look in Yellow pages sorry no number handy

thanks guys for your help ,I’ve called around a whole load of paint suppliers, and have found the best one for me as far as location and even more so price is Lothian Breakways, I’m fully in the process of preping and with alittle energy should be applying primer next weekend,going to give it a go myself.