Passat front brakes

Anyone looking for a pair of front calipers (single pot sliding ones) and discs for a Mk 2 passat (off a 1988). Pulled them off before the scrap man took the rest of the car away to see if they would fit on the polo, but the mounting is too big…

£20 for the lot.

Ok, if £20 is too much for all you pasrat owners, then how about a pint at the next blether… I’m moving house and no longer have a pasrat of my own so they’ll just get chucked otherwise.

I’d take 'em off your hands M! :wink:

So the blue one’s finally away. :frowning:
Did it break down on ya or was it just not worth attempting another mot?

Will bring em along to the next blether then. The blue one was still going, but the radiator was pretty much fully blocked, the holes in the back sills were starting to spread and the load bias thingy on the rear brakes was buggered (leading to some very hairy moments after taking out a heavy load - sometimes the pedal would go all the way to the floor before anything started to happen!).

Picked up an '84 polo estate on fleabay with 9 months test for £127, borrowed the wheels off the passat (the tires were knackered), cleaned up the front calipers, replaced the rear struts and am currently loving a 45+mpg life in the slow lane… lol

Or to the extra blether at the Hawes inn tomorrow if you’re going?

Yeah - that’ll be great! I’ll try and give you some financial adjustment too… :slight_smile: