about to fit petronix electronic ignition and flamethrower coil and a new dizzy,anyone know if a beetle has a ballast resistor fitted


Pertronix Ignitor & Flamethrower Coils are sold as complete ‘bolt-on’ packages so will run fine.

From :
“Ballast Resistor: This is an electrical resistor that is switched in and out of the supply voltage to the ignition coil. The ballast resistor lowers voltage after the engine is started to reduce wear on ignition components. It also makes the engine much easier to start by effectively doubling the voltage provided to the ignition coil when the engine is being cranked. Not all car manufacturers used a ballast resistor in their ignition systems So you should check to see if yours does.”

I was running Empi Accufire ignition with a healthy Bosch Blue Coil and it recently failed after less than 12k miles. The RAC guy that towed my disabled van off Kincardine Bridge said he was surprised such a small module was working the coil without an ignition amplifier.
Rev counters usually take their signal from the -ve side of the coil. My Autometer started to misread at first - starting off indicating correct revs then dropping to zero after a few miles. Then there was the occasional hint of a misfire and it just went dead. The box the now dead Empi kit came in had a wee note slip in it saying ‘warranty void if fitted without ballast resistor’. None was provided nor any particular coil specified.
Since fitting an Ignitor it’s been fine - I’ve used them for many years now with a few different coils such as Intermotor & Lucas types too. And they’re even smaller than Accufire modules!
I only bought another Accufire cos it was half the price of Pertronix a few years ago - after I, er, fried the first one due to connecting with the wrong polarity. I’ve done this daft mistake with an Ignitor too, so just be careful when you connect them up to the coil - AND the polarity of the wiring to the coil!

thanks for the info,got started tonight and had a disaster,when fitting a new throttle linkage i dropped the retaining clip,unlucky for me it fell down and landed on top of the barrels under the shroud,i ended up stripping out carb and manifold,oil filler,generator,and fan housing.finally found it,not to worry it gives me something to do on saturday.