plasma cutter anyone?

has any one got a plasma cutter? thinking for the roof chop i might use a plasma.

a pair of sissors then?
maybe i’ll just rip the roof off with my bare hands. :lol: :lol:

go down the local fire station, they’ve got some cool snips that will chop your roof in seconds.

grinder? hacksaw? they should do the job,post up a date and we will all come over :smiley:

angle grinder, hacksaw anything like that !!
oh id love to come along the day you do it!!! so remember post up let me know

oh great minds think a like there marky boy

give that pair a week to work out how to get to kinross though mate :lol:

at least we would be there :lol:


Eventually when we’re all leavin and job done :smiley:

I just used an angle grinder when i cut the roof of the last bug i had, took no time at all. you could always invest in a sawzall