Posting pictures from external links ie. Photobucket

It’s a regular issue here as our messageboard hosts use a different code to the usual forums when it comes to posting external image links.

Instead of [ img ] http: // … jpg [ /img ]

use [ img = http: // … jpg ]

(the spaces around square brackets are necessary to stop the text appearing as code here!)

Thanks to rob (slobbo) for troubleshooting this for the mac users.

  1. You first have to save your picture to Flickr then go to the picture and view it on Flickr.
  2. You will see a share button on the top left, just above the picture. Click on the Share link then on “Grab the HTML/BBCode”. I couldn’t see this option on your flickr account Colin but it could be just that I am not you and don’t have the permission to do so.
  3. Once you have clicked on the “Grab the HTML/BBCode” You will see some HTML gibberish in the box. Highlight the gibberish and copy it by holding down the “cmd” key (next to the space bar) and pressing the “c” (pasting is done by using the “v” instead of the “c” key).
  4. Now you go back to the Lothians forum and paste the gibberish into your post using the “cmd” + “v” keys. That should be it but because Flickrs and the forum software is rubbish you now need to mess around with the gibberish.
  5. Here is an example of the code that doesn’t work.


  1. You need to delete the “” leaving the “” with a closing square bracket

If you get it right then you should have code that looks like the following but without the space between the img and the =.
[img =[/IMG]

Here is the image displayed.