Project 50

Now 19 months into my full resto. This is what I started with

And this is where I’ve git to

At least another 14 months of work to go!


Looks like you’ve been putting the hours in there Keith. :+1:t2:

Looking good Keith, black rally bonnet?

Yup. All part of the plan!

Ready for the summer ?

Yes, 2021! Remember I have to strip and detail all the running gear and chassis first.

Look forward to the updates !

Some photos of the journey so far
image image image image image image image image image image image image Uploading: 69E9A10C-4075-4498-85B3-423CA67F6270.jpeg… Uploading: B8DF01BC-B555-4A94-88D3-575A2C15A118.jpeg… Uploading: 0609E271-8401-4548-BB46-82A04759EFF2.jpeg… Uploading: 5CFCF81D-D813-4C29-BD6F-5EFA57178481.jpeg… Uploading: 39710BDF-DABB-4EF6-B089-4DC03BDDFC84.jpeg… Uploading: 47C9A575-AC25-4261-8E4B-AA213F9F4717.jpeg… Uploading: AD4F9AAE-229A-42C2-834E-5E92DC3A0685.jpeg… Uploading: 42B55258-5A03-44B3-AE8A-AE62643BE85F.jpeg… Uploading: A883E39F-90EF-4288-96E4-EDC4D63FF8F2.jpeg… Uploading: D4BFA9FF-1CC5-4BB3-92FB-F248E562C7B0.jpeg… Uploading: 96D8551B-8403-4925-938D-CEBC7DEA6864.jpeg… Uploading: 8EA6EE60-F975-4B3B-912E-5B11C549D2A0.jpeg… Uploading: 3746E344-3602-4EA8-8C40-8B982898FFB2.jpeg…

image image image image

image image image

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looks to be coming along nicely :+1:

Well done so far Keith

Collected today. Very happy with the result.image image


You been busy in the garage last few days ? @keith

Working from home combined with home schooling means there is unlikely to be any progress for months, sadly🙁

A few wee jobs done.
Got some mk1 golf indicators for free so added some clear lenses. They fit the bug bumpers well enough. You may spot I have two front bumpers. To give flexibility in the look.

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really looks great

All the little bits help!
An hour now is an hour less later !
Red bumpers too then that kamie one looks good in paint

The spoiler bumper is grp, it came up better than I expected. The other two were non chromed bumpers that were a lucky find. They were blasted and powder coated then painted to match. I’m not going the full hog and deleting all the chrome though. Headlight rims and side trim will be kept stock.

My bumpers are black at the moment but I’m considering painting them same as the car so that they might blend in a bit better.
But yours look good in the red :+1:t2: