Project on a different level

Compared to this my efforts are positively pathetic.

Cool I love Shelby GT Mustangs heehaw.gif

Now thatsssssss engineering bowdown.gif

Wow, that guy is a TIG welding god.

bowdown.gif bowdown.gif

Why would you go to all that work then paint it Toyota Verso silver. Why would anyone want a silver car. I still don’t know why every second car in the grey overcast country chooses a colour that is difficult to see in the gloom.

The psychological meaning of the colour is aloof plus the police claim silver is invisible in the rain, that’s why there moving to silver cars, plus bm’s came in silver or white originally, except all the sexy black ones of course biggrin.gif

I thought silver was popular cos you can get away without washing it as often.
It still looks vaguely shiny even when covered in a week’s winter road grime, whereas black on the other hand… :rs

Bloody nice Beemer custom job tho! B)

Colour is academic. You’re going to hear that monster first, for sure w00t.gif
A safe bet for resale. Police tactics.