Pushrod Tubes

Being a novice at the wasser banger thingy. I am posing a question about the telescopic purshrod tubes that are used as a replacement for the concertina type ones. The gent at GSF said that I would need 3 seals per tube. One at each end and one in the middle where the telecopic bit is…However they only supplied me with two per tube. Can anyone clarify? Both the Bentley and the haynes make no mention of the third one. Neither manual mentions anything about putting sealant on the seals where they fit to the block and the head. Is this required?

There ought to be an oil seal for the middle bit - could it be an ‘O’ ring type seal like the alloy bolt-up tubes?

yes the telesscopic tubes have 3 seals which do not!!! need sealant

So which size is the seal in the middle meant to be? Do you just stretch it over the end?

Looking at the tubes more closely they have two o rings in the middle section.

Fitted last night…Forgot the camera :frowning: One of the cleanest heads I have seen. Nice and golden on the side. No oil leaks now…but water from a particular dubious metal pipe stopped me from driving Blue home :frowning:

Thanks for all your efforts by the way Nick